NorthLink WA project now complete!

With construction of the government’s $1.02 billion NorthLink WA project now complete, Wildflower Ridge Estate residents now benefit from a new transport link between Morley and Muchea.

The project, which was WA’s biggest ever road initiative, involved the construction of 37km of new highway connecting Malaga and Ellenbrook to Muchea. The new route has already significantly improved the traffic flow through WA’s northern corridor by replacing the Great Northern Highway as the main freight route through the Swan Valley and diverting around 80% of heavy traffic away from local roads.

For Wildflower Ridge Estate residents, it means access to a continuous road connection to Morley and Perth airport, which are both just a short 35 minute trip away. The completed route is also expected to boost productivity, reduce travel time around the region and ease congestion.

The project was just one part of a huge pipeline of planned infrastructure projects for WA and is expected to later support Muchea Industrial Park, which will sit at the interchange of NorthLink WA’s key arterial roads.

You can find out more about NorthLink WA here.