Water. Providing and preserving a precious commodity.

Unlike any other rural residential development in Muchea, or South or Lower Chittering, all Wildflower Ridge residents can connect to a piped supply of drinking water, sourced from a below-ground aquifer and supplied by licenced water services provider, Muchea Water. (See www.mucheawater.com.au for more information on water, connections and charges for Wildflower Ridge.)

Best practice water use is an important part of the sustainable lifestyle at Wildflower Ridge. Embodying Water Sensitive Urban Design principles, a one-way cross fall on the road follows the natural fall of the land to an enclosed swale system, acting as a rain garden and infiltrating water runoff close to source.

Public Open Space.

At the heart of any residential community is its public open space, where families can gather to relax, connect, socialise, play and exercise. At Wildflower Ridge, a huge 3.47ha open space has been created in keeping with the beautiful natural surroundings of the local area. The space will provide extensive landscaped areas, lawn and trees, barbecue areas with shade and seating, and a playground for the kids.

A Unique Natural Environment.

Wildflower Ridge acknowledges its proud history as a native flower farm, and borrows its cues from the site’s unique woodland ecology. Where possible, native flora has been retained, from the largest gum tree to the smallest wildflower.

Large blocks from 2,600m² right up to 8,875m² are heavily treed, while strictly complying with best practice fire management regulations, including fire hydrants every 200m. Non-kerbed, rural style streetscapes will add to the relaxed bush ambience and add to the sense of harmony within the natural environment.

Wildflower Ridge. Live in harmony with nature.

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